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"Not all that wander are lost." The Green Leprechaun

What you will find at Hiking Across America

  • Hiking Trails find a trail close to home.
  • Hiking Equipment find just the right equiment.
  • Do's and Dont's of Hiking tips to hike ethically.

About HikingAcrossAmerica.Com

Our goal at HikingAcrossAmerica.Com is simple:

Provide accurate information about any hike anyplace in America.

We want to list every hike.

We want to provide information about hiking.

We want to provide information about hiking equipment.

We want to be the preeminent, free, hiking site for hiking in America.

We realize that our goal is lofty and that it can only be accomplished with your help.

Check out our website, look over the Hikes by State, check our Photo Gallery, tell us where you stashed a GeoCashe, ask questions and give us some hiking tips. Also, take a look at our Blog and see where we like to hike.

Become a contributor; let us know about your favorite hike(s) so that others can enjoy that experience.

Use the suggestion box and we will, if you like, list you as a contributor.

In the meantime look around and enjoy our site.

Hiking is healthy and good for us because it is great exercise.
Beyond health there is something innately pleasurable about being outside on a nice day.
Hiking calms the troubled mind and breathes new life and vigor into our thoughts and ideas.
Time seems to slow down providing an opportunity to re-think things that are really important to you.

Essentials of Hiking
14 Essentials should always be carried, even on day hikes (map, compass, flashlight / headlamp, extra food (GORP is good), extra clothes, sunglasses, first-aid kit, pocket knife, waterproof matches, fire starter, water / filter/ bottles, whistle, insect repellent or clothing, and sunscreen).

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