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Art Smith Trail Loop  [previous page]

Art Smith Trail to the
Hopalong Cassidy Trail to the
Scheys' Trail Loop - Palm Desert CA

This is a very nice hike.

Go to the Art Smith Trail parking lot and head up the Art Smith trail.

If you take the original trail up Dead Indian Canyon you will have to back track on Developers' Trail about a tenth of a mile. If you go up Developers' Trail you will see the Hopalong Cassidy Trail sign at about the mile and one quarter mark.

Take the Hopalong Cassidy Trail north for about two and a half miles and you should be in the area decending into Cat Canyon. There will not be any signs but look for a trail going up to your left. The last time I was there I saw a small "Red Bird" in a bush where the two trails intersect. If you have a GPS it will be at or near 33 degrees 41 12.40 N and 116 degrees 25 34.09 N. Update: the birds have been removed but someone has painted rocks green so look for the green rocke.

Take the Scheys' Trail up the hill and you will connect with the Art Smith Trail.

Turn left (southerly) on the Art Smith Trail and return to
the parking lot.

This loop is about seven miles so plan accordingly.

On the way up the Scheys' Trail there is a detour to the Big Horn Overlook. You want to do this detour. The views are spectacular. This is a great spot for lunch.

You will see words written on some rocks directing you to the overlook. Those words were written by Harold Schey.

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