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Art Smith Trail Loop  [previous page]

Developers Trail to the
Art Smith Trail and exit
Dead Indian Canyon- Palm Desert CA

This is a very nice hike.

Go to the Art Smith Trail parking lot and head up Developers' trail aka New Art Smith Trail.

Hike up Developers' Trail until you see the Hopalong Cassidy Trail sign at about the mile and one quarter mark. Keep going for about another quarter mile and you will see a sign post without a sign. You are now at the intersection of the original Art Smith Trail and Developers' Trail. From here you can take the Art Smith Trail up to Dunn Road which would be a total of eight miles one way.

To continue this loop take the Art Smith Trail southerly down to Dead Indian Canyon.

When you reach the bottom continue south until you see a wash. You are now in Dead Indian Canyon. Turn left (east) and return to the parking lot. If you go right (west) you could hike, with some rock scrambling, to a beautiful oasis.

I've included a photo of Gorilla Rock but you would have to take a slight detour onto the Canyon Trail to see this natural formation.

This loop is about three miles so plan accordingly.


Nine months of the year, thanks to the BLM, you will need to go this way:

Developer's Trail to the Canyon Trail .45 miles (Total .45)
Canyon trail to the Schey's Trail .50 miles (Total .95)
Schey's to the Oasis Trail .08 Miles (Total 1.03)
Continue on Schey's Trail to Developer's Trail .05 Miles (Total 1.08)
At this point the Developer's Trail followes the old Schey's Trail
Continue up the hill to the Hopalong Cassidy Trail .25 Miles (Total 1.33)
Stand looking up the hill with the Hopalong Cassidy Trail to your right and you will see an obscured trail on the left. That is also part of the old Schey's Trail.
Take the Schey's Trail up the hill and it will connect with the original Art Smith Trail at a place called the Little Big Horn Overlook. .06 Miles (Total 1.39)
At this juncture you could go south or north on the Art Smith Trail. If you go south you will decend into Dead Indian Canyon. You want to go north on the real Art Smith Trail and you will connect with the Developer's Trail .07 Miles (Total 1.46)
At this intersection you can go up the real Art Smith Trail or turn right and go down the hill on the Developer's Trail.
Take the Developer's Trail downhill and you will again connect with the Hopalong Cassidy Trail .14 Miles (Toal 1.60)
Continue downhill past the Schey's Trail connection and go to the Canyon Trail. 065 Miles (Total 2.25)
Turn right (south) and take the Canyon Trail to the Developer's Trail .20 (Total 2.45)
Continue back down the Developer's Trail to the parking lot .55 Miles (Total 3.00)


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