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Cahuilla Hills - Gabby Hayes Trail to the Bump n' Grind Loop

Cahuilla Hills Park

45-825 Edgehill Drive in Palm Desert CA

Edgehill Drive is off of the west end of El Paseo.

This is a hiking park but there are also Pickle Ball and tennis courts.

Start your hike from the Cahuilla Hills Park.

Park your car and hike west on the Gabby Hayes trail.

Hike across the wash and up the hill and you will eventually intersect with the Hopalong Cassidy hiking trail. You will see a Y in the trail - if you continue to the left up the hill on the Hopalong Cassidy you will be hiking toward the Palm desert Cross. Take the trail to your right. This is also the Hopalong Cassidy Trail. Continue northtward on the Hopalong Cassidy trail until you intersect with the Herb Jeffries.

Turn left and continue on the Herb Jeffries trail up the hill, this is what I call the steep side of the Bump n' Grind loop. When you get to the top, you will see the Fish and Game gate, continue north on the Bump and Grind. Continue on the Bump and Grind until you see a trail branch off to the right around a nursery on the bottom of the hill. That would be the Mike Shuller trail - take it down the hill to Painters Path behind the Desert Crossings Shopping Center. When you get to the bottom you will see a trail going up the south side of the hill you just came down. That is the Hopalong Cassidy Trail. Take the Hopalong Cassidy Trail up the hill until it intersects with the Herb Jefferies. Continue on the Herb Jefferies back to the Cahuilla Hills Park.

Round trip is right at 5.92 miles.

Gabby Hayes to the Hopalong Cassidy = .37 miles
Hopalong Cassidy to the Herb Jeffries = 1.25 miles (1.62 cumulative miles)
Herb Jeffries to the Bump n' Grind = .69 miles (2.31 cumulative miles)
Bump n' Grind to the Mike Schuller = .99 miles (3.30 cumulative miles)
Mike Schuller to the bottom to start up the Hopalong Cassidy = .86 miles (4.16 cumulative miles)
Hopalong Cassidy to the Herb Jeffries = .65 miles (4.81 cumulative miles)
Herb Jeffries back to Cahuilla Hills Park = 1.11 Miles = (5.92 cumulative miles)

Dress for the desert and take plenty of water.

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