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is also known as the Carrizo Canyon Ecological Reserve and shares the parking lot with the Art Smith Trail. Take Highway 74 about 4 mikes south of the Highway 74 and Highway 11 intersection.

Park your car and go south and you will see a fence. If the gate is open continue south. You will be hiking in a wash. As you continue the wash narrows as you enter the canyon.

The canyon is closed to the public from January 1 to September 30. Pay attention to the signs on the fence and the gate.

In December of 2010 we saw four herds, on different days, of Big Horn Sheep - it was very cool.

The canyon is not very deep as you will be faced with dry waterfalls. You could climb the waterfalls and continue up the hill but I would not follow you.

This is a great place to take photos and have a picnic. Most anybody can hike is area.

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