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The North Lykken Trail  [previous page]

North Lykken - Palm Springs CA

The trail head is at the end of Ramon Road and ends on Cielo Drive a few miles away.

Park on Ramon Road and walk to the end of the road and you will see the trail head. As you start the hike from Ramon Road you will see two trails - take the one to the left and as you hike look for white dots on various rocks to guide you on the best path. The trail to the right seems best as you approch it but it will soon become a bit messy.

If you park a vehicle at each end you can take the hike as a loop.

The trail, as you may expect, is a series of switchback up the hill, actually up the San Jacinto Mountain, until you reach a plateau (mesa) with picnic tables above the Palm Springs Museum. Most people rest here and then go back down.

There is another set of picnic tables at the north end of the trail.

This is considered to be a moderately strenuous hike but the views of Palm Springs and Chino Canyon make it worthwhile. After passing the picnic tables above the museum the trail will take you down into Chino Canyon. The trail will wander through the wash and take you up the other side to another set of picnic tables. There you can either turn around and go back or you can leave a second car on Cielo road and you can just take a short walk down from the picnic tables to your car.

Cielo road can be reached by following Vista Chino Road to Via Norte. Turn right on Via Norte then left on Chino Canyon Road. Veer left onto Panorama Road, then left again on Cielo.

I most always do this hike with at least one other person and we start at Cielo Road and pick up our second vehicle at Ramon Road.

The total hike is right at 5 miles.
Take your camera and get a ton of pictures.
You will see fantastic views of Palm Springs and all of the Coachella Valley.

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