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Schey's Trail - Palm Desert CA

Harold Schey is the architect of this trail.

The trail originates in Cat Canyon in the Cahuilla Hills just north of the Big Horn Country Club. However, because of developments in the area it is near impossible to find the starting position. The best part of the trail travels mostly east and westbetween the Hoppalong Cassidy Trail and the Art Smith Trail.

This is the only way to get to what is known as the Big Horn Overlook.

Go to the Art Smith Trail parking lot and follow the trail north along with the levee and take the switchback known as Developers Trail. Stay on the trail until you intersect with the Hoppalong Cassidy Trail. Take the Hoppalong Cassidy Trail north about two miles and you will see a trail heading up the hill on your left. There is not sign so keep looking. You may see a small red bird in a bush.

When you start up the hill you are on the Schey's Trail. As you travel up the hill you will find some rocks with directions. You can continue straight up to the Art Smith Trail or go left (south) to the Big Horn Overlook. Go left - it will not be a political statement.

After you relax at the Big Horn Overlook work your way back to the Schey's Trail and continue to the Art Smith Trail.

The intersection of the Art Smith and Schey's trails is one of my favorites places on the hill. Take a good look around - the boulders are immense.

When you are ready head south on the Art Smith Trail. Enjoy the "Three Sister" on the way back.

Your total hike will be right at seven miles.

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