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The South Lykken Trail  [previous page]

South Lykken - Palm Springs CA

The trail head is at the end of Mesquite Road and ends on South Palm Canyon Drive about a mile and a half off of Highway 111.

Park on Mesquite Road and walk to the end of the road and you will see the trail head.

If you park a vehicle at each end you can take the hike as a loop.

The trail, as you may expect, is a series of switchback up the hill, actually up the San Jacinto Mountain, until you reach a plateau (mesa) with picnic tables at Josie Johnson Vista Park. Most people rest here and then go back down.

There is another set of picnic tables at the south end of the trail at the Simonetta Kennett Vista Point.

The hike, end to end, is right at the five mile mark.

Take your camera and get a ton of pictures.

You will see fantastic views of Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley, and down into Tahquitz Canyon.

You can see and hear the waterfall in Tahquitz Canyon.

I hiked the South Lykken Trail from South Palm Canyon to Mesquite and then walked city streets back to my car and the total distance was 7.68 miles. Trail head to trail head is right at 5.25 miles.  The walk on city streets was 2.43 miles. – about the same distance between the picnic tables.  It would probably be best to go to the second picnic tables and turn around. 

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