Hiking Across America

Get Healthy - Take a Hike
Pack it in and Pack it out.

What should you carry with you.

Essential Hiking Equipment

    • Map,
    • Compass,
    • GPS - if you have one.
    • Flashlight / headlamp,
    • Food (GORP is good),
    • Extra clothes,
    • Sunglasses,
    • First-aid kit,
    • Pocket knife,
    • Waterproof matches and/or firestarter,
    • Water - lots of water,
    • Whistle,
    • Sunscreen and a
    • Cell phone.

Think about getting dressed - what would you wear?
How about:

A good hat,
Shirt - short sleeve or long sleeved?
Pants - Shorts or long?
Shoes or boots - low cut or high cut?
Walking stick?
Back pack or fanny pack?

Also, make sure someone knows where you are going and when you should be returning.

It is always best to hike with another person.


What do I like?

Decent boots that cover / protect my ankels.
Shorts most of the time but long pants when it is cold.
Long sleeve shirt - all of the time.
Wide brimmed hiking hat with neck protection.
Two bandanas - one for the head as an extra sweat band and one around the neck.
Back pack or waist pack that easily holds two (or more) quarts of water.

I also like a hiking stick.

I've probably used every type of hiking stick around but eventually prefer to use a good wooden stick.
You can buy a stick or make one - just be sure it is strong enough to hold your body weight because you don't want it breaking when you need it most.

My favorite is home made.
I use a six foot length of one inch round closet pole available at most any store that sells lumber or building supplies.
I like this size because you can get one inch cane tips at most any drug store for the bottom of the stick.
Cut the stick to a size you like. I like my stick long - about the same height as me.
You can leave it plain or stain it or paint it.
I've stained mine and then sprayed it with a protective coating.
I came across this solution serendipitously - I left my stick behind on a road trip and had to improvise.


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